About Us

Your one-stop shop for all your furnace and carpet cleaning needs! We offer commercial and residential furnace and carpet cleaning services. We proudly provide assistance for customers in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Whether you just bought your first house and need a
thorough cleaning of the furnace and carpets before moving in, or you’re starting to notice your carpet doesn’t look like it’s the same carpet in last year’s holiday photos! We are here to help! Furnace Cleaning, Carpet, Area Rug, Furniture & Upholstery cleaning is what we do! We ensure that your home is left noticeably cleaner and meets your standards.
When left uncleaned, you shorten the life of your rug & furniture. As an investment in your home, Our services will prolong your
so you don't see costly repairs or replacements.Regular maintenance on your home is something to be expected as a homeowner. Don't let that mess keep you from inviting people over.We use high-quality steam cleaning techniques and products that will leave your carpets and rugs looking like new again. Those high-traffic areas can accumulate lots of wear and tear, and are often where you see where dirt and grime settle in. We provide furnace and carpet cleaning services for residential and commercial property
management companies. We want to streamline the process for you by offering convenient scheduling options to accommodate your busy schedule.
whether it be by only booking via email or booking us
on short notice. We are confident that you will be glad you chose Edmonton Furnacen Services for your furnace and carpet care needs.